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REHABdynamix - Contract Rehabilitation Services
Skilled Nursing Facility Services
Skilled Nursing Facility Services

With our expertise in recruitment, Medicare reimbursement/regulatory compliance, patient care management and 85% employee retention, we are able to achieve results far superior to our competitors. Our positive reputation continues to grow because of the quality service we provide for our patients and clients on a daily basis.

  • Our healthcare management team and clinicians understand SNF reimbursement, and receive initial and ongoing training in the PPS/MDS: 80% competency required for clinicians working in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

  • Rehabilitation Services Are Provided Across the Continuum of Care
    • Individualized evaluation and patient-centered treatment plans
    • Range of clinical expertise enables our staff to follow your clients from sub-acute to outpatient services
    • Focus on using patient’s strengths to compensate for impaired function

  • Medicare Part B Services are an Integral Part of the Therapy Program
    • Systematic identification of patients needing rehabilitation services through routine screening and referrals. Screening is done at a variety of intervals during a resident’s stay including:
      • Global screening of all residents upon initiation of our contract.
      • Admissions and re-admissions screens.
      • Care plan or quarterly screens.
      • Any change in condition.
    • Specialized therapy programs
    • Restorative Dining
    • Functional Nursing Program
    • Restorative Nursing Program
    • Falls prevention
    • Dysphagia/weight loss/diet modifications/special diets
    • Wound care
    • Group therapy
    • Adaptive Equipment/Activities of Daily Living
    • Restraint Reduction
    • Dementia/Alzheimer’s/Cognitive Dysfunction
    • Environmental Safety
    • Contracture Management/Range of Motion/ and Positioning

  • Continuous Quality Improvement

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“REHABdynamix clinicians are proactive and strong advocates for our long term care residents. We have seen a significant drop in the number of falls in our facility, and families and visitors are making frequent comments about how actively involved the residents are in the facility programs."

Kim Roman • Executive Director
Arden Court

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