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REHABdynamix - Contract Rehabilitation Services
Services: Overview
Services: Overview

REHABdynamix specializes in the staffing and management of rehabilitation programs. We provide Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy clinical programs, using a strong interdisciplinary and collaborative approach that enables us to achieve superior results for our clients and patients. Our health care management team is accessible and visible in the facilities and seeks opportunities to provide you with feedback about the outcomes of your therapy program, and to hear and respond to your concerns. Although most of our clients choose coverage spanning 5-6 days/week, 7-day/week coverage is available.

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Experience, Integrity and Attention to Details

Our focus on giving our clients individualized attention separates us from other providers and allows us to structure programs to specifically meet their needs. Through our consultative approach, we provide a detailed analysis of your therapy services, review the findings with you and implement recommendations for training, education and patient health care management. The result is a clinical model designed to efficiently achieve goals-the rehabilitation goals of your patients and your facility's operational goals.

Because we carefully select our professionals, you're assured that the care provided will be the most comprehensive and the highest quality possible. Our seasoned staff members work well together and with the facility's staff members creating an interdisciplinary approach that optimizes clinical results and operations. Equally important, this quality care is provided with the compassion and respect every patient deserves.

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“REHABdynamix provides individualized superior and outstanding rehabilitation services. They are flexible and effectively meet the needs of staff and residents when new concerns arise regarding residents' care. Their staff motivates our residents to reach their highest potential of function, work well with the interdisciplinary team of the facility, and have a good rapport with family members in providing continuity of services upon discharge."

Eileen Mahler, Administrator & Ellen Mangrelli • DON
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