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REHABdynamix - Contract Rehabilitation Services
Assisted & Independent Living
Assisted & Independent Living

With our expertise in Medicare Part B we have developed models of care to meet the unique needs of ALF patients who are highly independent and able to self direct their care. Through a dedicated clinical space we are able to maintain resident independence and reduce increased costs associated with higher levels of direct care from nursing.

Our clinical approach in Alzheimer’s Units addresses cognition and maintenance of safe mobility for each resident challenged in these areas of function. Our excellent track record of decreasing falls and client satisfaction speaks to the success of our treatment approach and objectively measured outcomes and success since the contract was initiated with REHABdynamix. Specialty programs include:

  • Falls Prevention
  • Wellness programs
  • Exercise/Physical Fitness Classes
  • Bedside and Facility-wide Treatment
  • Home/Environmental Assessments and Adaptations for safety and function
  • Life Management Skills/Executive functions therapy
  • Special Diet Program
  • Rehabilitative Dining
  • Restorative Dining
  • Functional Nursing

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“REHABdynamix works hard to improve the resident's level of functioning and enhance their quality of life."

Penny Thoroughgood • RNAC
Harrison Senior Living of Georgetown, Delaware

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