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REHABdynamix - Contract Rehabilitation Services
About Us
About Us

REHABdynamix is a contract rehabilitation services provider, specializing in speech language pathology, physical therapy, and occupational therapy services.

Serving the rehabilitation community as REHABdynamix since 1999, our seasoned healthcare management and clinical team members bring together a blend of many years of clinical, operations, and facilities management know-how that enables superior service and outcomes.

We pride ourselves in our ability to give our clients and healthcare staff personal, individualized attention. Our healthcare management team is very visible in the facilities we serve and our certified/licensed clinicians have access to a responsive clinical support system so that our patients receive the best rehabilitation care possible.

High Technology + Patient Care Management Expertise = Best Outcomes

Our corporate commitment to technology enables more efficient management of patient information, while aiding in compliance matters and communication. Combined with our clinical and consulting experience, the result is patient healthcare management services that are efficient, effective, and responsive.

Technology Applications Highlights

  • Facility-specific P & L statements track utilization and revenues for Medicare Pt. A and Pt. B, and assist in managing RUGs levels
  • Computerized rehabilitation notes management system
  • Online nation-wide recruitment of clinicians
  • Automated Patient Care Outcomes and CQI System

Clinical Expertise Highlights

  • Licensed/certified staff with an average of 10 years clinical experience and 85% retention rate with REHABdynamix.
  • Paid Feeding Assistant Certification in the state of Delaware
  • Experience treating patients with diagnoses across the spectrum of acute and chronic medical conditions.

Regardless of the facility we serve, providing competent, compassionate and respectful rehabilitation is at the very core of our service mission.

Our Standards of Practice

These principles guide our daily interactions with our clients and patients to ensure that we meet both operations and clinical objectives:

  • Values based service.
  • Adequate staffing.
  • Timely evaluations.
  • Complete documentation and chart audits for content and thoroughness.
  • Attendance at necessary facility meetings.
  • Effective communication with nursing, MDS Coordinator and healthcare facility administration.
  • Thorough case management and reporting of MDS minutes within required time frame.
  • Payor source identification prior to initiating therapy services.
  • Timely response to ADLs and Denials.
  • Therapist competency with PPS reimbursement and clinical issues.
  • Part B billing information submitted to bookkeeper weekly, prompt invoicing per facility request.
  • Prompt resolution of fiscal issues or concerns.
  • Prompt response to any client concern.

“What a difference REHABdynamix has made in our facility! They are on the cutting edge of developing innovative rehabilitation programs that improve the quality of life of our residents. Not only are they providing excellent clinical care, but they have integrated seamlessly into our facility clinical team and provide excellent customer service. I would recommend REHABdynamix to any of my fellow administrators."

Kim Roman • Executive Director
Arden Court

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